Saturday, December 23, 2006

CISV Australia, holding hands

Here is CISV Australia's other newest design, also with the new logo

and tagline. The three lines of characters are meant to represent the

different ages of the organisation - the top line are 11 year olds,

the middle line are teenagers and the bottom line are adult leaders!

-Chris (AUS)

This Is What They Told Me

CISV Australia t-shirt from December 2006 - the first shirts out to

use the brand new redesigned CISV logo and tagline! The logo is on

the back of the shirt.

-Chris (AUS)


The only ever shirt from CISV Iraq - from 1985.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Go Bananas Village 03

That's the Go Bananas Village - Sâo Paulo Brazil 03... Great sweater, great bunch of bananas (Toño CR).

Go Bananas Village 03

That's the Go Bananas Village - Sâo Paulo, Brazil 03 T-shirt... Great color, great bunch of bananas!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


It is a t´shirt from IPP - Brincadeira, 2006 in Brazil - Sao Paulo



Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Londrina 20th Anniversary

The 20th Anniversary of Londrina - BRAZIL chapter July 2005!!


How many CISV branded items can you fit into one suitcase and still be under the airline's weight limit?

Alex (CAN)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

!Israel's first JB t-shirt

The idea for this gorgeous t-shirt was conceived by our junior NJR, Ido!

it is actually the first (and currently only) JB israel t-shirt ever! but it

sure does make up for the lost time because it is WICKED COOL!

on the top you can see a selection of our lovely Juniors (Shiri, Ido, Noa

and myself) wearing it at our 2006 national JB meeting (NJBM)

on the bottom , a closer look of the front and back so you can admire all

the small details.

isn't it beautiful?? you know it is :)

much love,

Danielle (Dani),


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Anybody up for a new World Record?!

Look at this video: One guy put on 155 T-shirts - at once - as a new Guiness world record. I wonder if a CISVer out there is willing to put 156 shirts - CISV-shirts! Cheers, Nick.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Here is a T´shirt from our local chapter i Denmark:

CISV-Fyn, design of Marie Lauritzen and we made it in 2005. We have

red and blue.

We use them when delegation are going to activitets out of Denmark.


Danish Apron.

I was on IPP in Brazil this summer and here are the Danish delegation...

vh Lone

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Appel Kreppel Village, 2006

I know that I'm bias because i was JC on this amazing
village (Wiesbaden, Germany) but you have to agree
with me on this one... this t-shirt is INCREDIBLE!!
Jule, one of our lovely staff spent ages getting it
just perfect... thank-you Jule!

It has so many memories tied up in it... the best one
being the 6 second thing. On an excursion, 2 of the
kids kissed on the boat and it became a camp phrase...
'they kissed for SIX SECONDS!!'

I miss and love my village... and i adore my camp
t-shirt! Lizzie (GB)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rio's delegation shirt

This is [from left to right] Hélio [BRA - Salvador chapter], Dani [BRA

- Rio de Janeiro chapter] and me, Álvaro [BRA] - Rio de Janeiro

chapter], Helio and Dani are wearing the camp's sweatshirt, it has the

chapter's name on it [Curitiba] and I'm wearing my delegation's shirt

wich was designed by me [see the close-up for better view] this pic

was taken during the excursion. in the back we can see Anna [BRA - São

Paulo Chapter], Mario [BRA - Curitiba Chapter], and Gabriel [BRA -

Araraquara chapter]

the camp was "Dialeto das Ovelhas" wich means The Sheep Dialect, it

was a nacional Youth meeting hosted in the developing-chapter


It was Curitiba's first camp EVER!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Springfield, MA and Hamburg, Germany IC 06

This is the Shirt that the Springfield Chapter delegates gave to their Germany interchange partners when arriving in the USA.


The front of the shirts have a design from the Book "Oh the places you'll go" by Dr. Suess, however with the CISV logo replacing a Balloon.


On the back their is a quote from the book, suiting the young adult travelers.


Dr. Suess was the shirts theme because Dr. Suess was native to Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.


Stephen (USA) Greater Springfield chapter 


Max (GER) Hamburg chapter Call friends with PC calling -- FREE

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I've traded in this bag from CISV GB in my first village in '93 with
our British JC Lisa. It says "I have a C.I.S.V. friend in Sheffield -
GB", and Lisa wrote on it that I should always remember her (see, I
do!). Flo (AUT)

Pyramid Shirt.

This t-shirt i traded with Amirra the leader from Egypt. This was the unique t-shirt from Egypt in the enitre camp. It's very nice, and we can see
the famous Piramid



Stefanie, who's wearing her mothers shirt. bine

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cow shirt.

This T-shirt i traded with Carlos, the mexican JC, in Village Mexico

2005. I miss you my friend




Brazilian Leader , Village mExico 2005

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Paths of Life 2005 - Costa Rica

This shirt was designed by our artistic staff member Vale. A truly out of

the ordinary design. Not like any other CISV shirt I've seen before.

There was a misprint so the name of the camp was not printed on the shirt

which just makes it unique so only if you have the shirt you know from which

camp it is.

I love this shirt not only because of the great memories it brings from my

first time as a staff but also because its the only CISV shirt with 2 colors

(yes the sleeves are black), plus its the only cisv shirt my friends have

complimented (of course at first they don't know its a cisv shirt).

Tubi (CRC)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Join the Band - JB Finland closeup

Here's a closeup on our fabulous JB shirt, so that you guys can see all the

nice drawings! :)

more hugs, Wille (FIN)

Join the Band - JB Finland

Here's our new JB shirt in Finland. We just got it two days ago (Saturday

the 20th of May) so we're very proud of it. (See how we played with the

words.. ;) huh?!?Thanx Krippa for the punch-line :)) "Join the Band"

on the front and then a nice drawing on the back with alot of small pictures

in the letters, telling us something about our JB..things we usually do and

of course our beloved NJR's nicknames are included.

kram, Wille

Sunday, April 30, 2006

El Salvador Dreamers.

This t-shirt is from El Salvador..i think it was printed in you

can see..The delegation of el salvador in 2005...waitin at the ariport to go

to our summer camp! In the front it says you may say i'm a dreamer..and in

the back it says...but im not the only one..


Monday, April 10, 2006

Children's International Villages Summer?

This is a special clothe used by the Chaneque Village México 2005 Staff during our excursions. This is a Paula's joke, she changed the order of CISV. The drawing is our "Chaneque" The color is great , it's very funny when a arrived and I saw the man's staffs with The pink. The t-shirt blue is made too special for our staff Wally


This sweater i traded with Iren (Norway leader) in CISV Mexico- July

2005. In the same picutre we can see Khaled,( Jordan leader) Paula(

Staff) and Heidy (Mexico JC). This picture was taked in our leaders

weekend in a beatiful city San Miguel Allende The color of this

sweater (brown) its a little diferent, but is my favorite in my closet

I hope see all soon as possible.

Hugs, Wally

Monday, March 13, 2006

Thai pants from Israel.

THis shirt is from a Summercamp in Sao Paulo, Brazil, showing the leaders in their comfy israeli thai pants=)) deniz inal turkey

Argentina 2005

This is the creation of the argentinian delegation of summercamp in 2005, brasil sao paulo worn by me (deniz!) =) deniz inal, turkey

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Double White Cisv Sweatshirts

This is me and fido.. shes wearing her seminar camp hoodie and im wearing a white cisv egypt sweatshirt!

love Rou, Egypt xxx Find just what you're after with the new, more precise MSN Search - try it now!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

'National Summer 16 - Jan 2006 - LDB Brazil' #2

This #2 T-Shrt is from the 'National Summer 16 - Jan 2006 - LDB Brazil' (Theme: Liberty)

On the FRONT we can see Liberty of Speech

On the BACK we can see the NickName of each Participant, Leaders and Staffs.

Ana Cruciol - LDB Brazil

'National Summer 16 - Jan 2006 - LDB Brazil'

This #1 T-Shrt is from the 'National Summer 16 - Jan 2006 - LDB Brazil'

On the FRONT we can see a person representing each delegation with some remembered OBjects, and some phrases.

On the BACK there is a SAMBA which was done to show how PERFECT our summer camp was...

Ana Cruciol - LDB =*


Rio de Janeiro delegation, Summer 16 - Londrina

The best delegation in the best CISV program

From left to right: Anna(Anny), Kim, Beatriz(Bia), Bianca(Bi), Sabrina(Sah) and André(Carioca)

Love you girls

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

CISV Ecuador jacket

This is me and Hoda across the street from the CISV office in egypt, shes wearing a CISV ecuador jacket and also the CISV ecuador tshirt from under it (unfortunatly u can't see that in the picture!) Love Rou, Egypt.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Manchester Red.

This is a tradicional CISV t-shirt from Manchester. This picture was

taked in Village Mexico July 2005, and this is my wonderful friend

Amira, the leader from Egypt See you guys


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Longsleeve Indonesia

This is an awesome long sleeve from Indonesia. It was made for the Indonesian delegation for the Youth meeting in the Netherlands!Very creative.

(Timo Germany)

CISV Italy T-Shirt

I got this beautiful shirt from Italy, i really like the logo. It also has a CISV italy logo in the neck on the backside.

(Timo Germany)

CISV Shirt Milano

This a Shirt from CISV Milano i traded with the Italian leader Saimon. The Milano Print is on the front and the CISV sign is on the left arm.


Monday, January 16, 2006

YBubbles and Stars shirt - Youth meeting Netherlands ´05-´06

This is the official shirt of the Bubbles and Stars Youth meeting in the Netherlands ´05 - ´06

A nice one.I just miss a CISV Netherlands sign.

(Timo Germany)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

One Year Anniversary.

Without noticing, the CISV shirts website turned 1 a couple of days ago - Jan 8th to be precise. More than 350 pictures have been posted, mostly T-shirts, but also bandanas, caps, boxers and Thai pants, which is great. Almost 100 indiviudal pages of the T-Shirt site are viewed everydays, so I guess people are still enjoying, even if the stream of new shirts has faded out a bit recently. I still have a whole bunch of ideas in the back of my head, on how to make the site even more fun and interesting, but I'll stick to my rule - one new feature fore every 100 pics posted. So we'll need a few more to call it 400 - keep them coming, ok? Anything you'd like to see here, please let me know. Thanks everybody, who shared their pictures and ideas. Special thanks to Chuchu, who helped post loads of shirts while I was busy. Let's keep the CISV shirts archive rockin'!

Mexico Shirt at Pyramid

This is a special t-shirt made special for excursion's during the

Village Mexico July -2005

The picture was taked in front of The Sun Piramid in Mexico City, I

(Wally, brazilian leader) and Anne Meike (Nederlands leader) I miss

soo much this amaizing camping, my best experience in my life

Wally (BRA)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ecuador at Tivoli.

Kitte (DK), Fabian (ECU) and Kamma (DK) wearing cisv Ecuadorian

t-shirt of 2004 (Kamma is wearing a cisv t-shirt made by herself) at

the CISV day in Copenhagen.

Annamaría (ECU)