Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Colorful Guatemala.

This is a shirt from Guatemala traded with Luisa at Leapfrog Village

in Christchurch, NZ in 2005. I've seen the shirt before, so I'm

pretty sure it was designed before 2002 (though I could be wrong). It

was one of the many Guatemalan shirts I traded for in my village--they

have really fun colors!

Alex (USA)

CISV India

"This is a shirt from cisv india... it's the traditional design, but i

love the color. i'm not sure when it was designed, or even who

designed it (if anyone knows, feel free to comment!), but i traded for

it at leapfrog village in christchurch, nz in 2005."

alex (usa)

PS. At the moment I'm staff in a summercamp, so if you sent me

pictures in the last two weeks, it may take a little while until they

get posted here - please be patient, ok? Thanks, Nick.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

JB Costa Rica soccer jersey

For 2002, to celebrate the World Cup, JB Costa Rica designed this

limited edition Soccer Jersey?s, this one in the picture you might

relate to a wonderful display of soccer ability during World Cups in

AIM 2002 and 2003. And, no Bjorn, it is MINE!!

Javier (CRC)

Gaia souls Summer Camp

Camp shirt of an awesome Summer Camp held in CR in 1999, it means a

lot because this was my entrance as an adult to CISV after 7 years of

being out of the map.

Javier (CRC)

Costa Rica 2005 collection

This vintage shirt has been produced by CISV CR in 2005, it is

available by special order only.

Javier (CRC)

People to people Summer Camp

Camp shirt of a Summer Camp held in Argentina in 1992, it?s moldy.

Javier (CRC)

Joy to the World Village

This was the camp shirt of a village in New Zealand in 1989 , it has

signatures and everything as proof of originality. I wonder were

these people are...

Javier (CRC)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ottawa Tshirt

Thanks to Adam teo

Hippie Style!

Nice shot for CISV Cincinnati


Italian JB jumper

Collection 2001.

We thank also the 2 nice girls introducing the boy...


2 different styles from ferrara

The staff of the village hosted by the chapter in 2003 is wearing 2

different tshirst style with different color combinations...


Shooting Star!

Village Tshirt weared by the wonderfull staff: village in ferrara 2003



Tshirt from Michigan CISV Chapter weared by Ro from costarica at the village

in ferrara in 2003.


Heart of CISV Ferrara

Our lovely camp director Ceci, at the village in ferrara in 2003.

Black tshirt with read cisv shaped as an heart...


Argentinian Tshirt

Argentinian Leader in 2003 in the Village in Ferrara Italy


Making CISV Tshirt

IPP 2004 Modena


Nice Japanise Tshirt

Japanese leader at the IYM in Ferrara in 2003-2004


CISV Ferrara latest Jumper


Rewind Camp Logo

Youthmeeting in italy in 2000-2001


Old style CISV Italia

Very old style italian jumpers...


Regular Style Brazilian Tshirt... Upsidedown

Upsidedown italian guy with Londrina tshirt


Old Style Netherlands Tshirt

This nice italian guy is surronded by green dwarfs...


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bandanamania (Chile).

"I got this bandana from Tepu (one of the girls from Chile) at Pangea Village in Bahia, Brasil, back in December 2001 ? January 2002. I think we traded bandanas." Zeke, CRC.

CISV Lithuania.

"They were designed in one night and made just before the delegation should leave to the village ;-) thanks God we got them on time! Designed 2002" Enjoy the day! Laura (LTU)

CISV Coca-Cola?!

"I just came home for a week to Sheffield and started clearing out my old room. Found loads of old CISV t-shirts so I thought I'd submit some. This is a t-shirt given to me when my parents had a USA delegation for a homestay before a village in Sheffield. CISV Chattanooga in association with CocaCola. Not sure where CISV stands with having multi-national corporations sponsering merchandise?" Peter (GBR)

Friday, June 17, 2005


"I got this T-Shirt in my Village when I was a JC last year in Sao Paulo. It was from one of kids, Chot, from Philippines... its my favorite in the wardrobe!" KeL (BRA)"

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

if the kids are united

i really like this sentence, also a popular song :) its a shirt from sweden, dont know which chapter. the writing is on the back. got this from stina (swe) on my seminar camp in japan 2002. karo (ger)


this was one of my first really cool tshirts with more than the cisv logo on it. i got it from angie from ecuador on the into 2000 summercamp in sheffield! i believe its a popular one cause i've seen other people with this tshirt on several cisv activities. love, karo

let's chat

this is a t-shirt that i believe alex from italy did inoffically for the lets chat youthmeeting near milano in easter 2000. its a little washed-out...after 5 years :) karo

CAT Village

This one i also got from the 2004 C.A.T. Village in Sweden. On the back there are the names of the countrys. Timo (Germany)


This one is a very simple but also nice shirt cause of the orange letters. I got that last summer in the C.A.T. Village in Bastad - Bj?re. Timo(Germany)

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Keep CISVing!!

Love this t-shirt. It was designed by Londrina's JB, Brazil. Got it last april (2005) during the JNBM in Belo Horizonte. Chuchu (BRA)

Thai Pants

The world-wide famous CISV Thailand's pants. Got it from the Thai JC, Peak, at the Dream Catcher Village, last december in Salvador, Brazil. Chuchu (BRA)

S?o Paulo Bandana

I really like this bandana. I got it from a brazilian kid at the village in Salvador, Brazil, last december. Chuchu (BRA)

S?o Jos? dos Campos Bandana

I bought this bandana in S?o Jos? dos Campos chapter in Brazil. PAZ means peace in Portuguese. Chuchu (BRA)

Bandana from Guate

Chia, the Guatemalan leader, gave me this bandana at my village in Salvador, Brazil. Chuchu (BRA)

German Bandana

I got this German bandana at the Dream Catcher Village in Salvador, Brazil, from Manu, German leader from Hamburg. The picture is a bit unfocused; I will try to take another picture later. Chuchu (BRA)

CISV Brazil's 30th Anniversary

This t-shirt was made by the S?o Paulo chapter in celebration of CISV Brazil's 30th anniversary. It was given out to the participants of the 2002's NBM in S?o Paulo. Chuchu (BRA)

Finnish Bandana

That's a CISV Finland bandana I got from the Finnish JC (Timo) at my last village in Padova, Italy 2004. Chuchu (BRA)

3B: Bras?lia, Brazil, Bandana

CISV Bras?lia, Brazil bandana. Chuchu (BRA)

Saturday, June 04, 2005