Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rio's delegation shirt

This is [from left to right] Hélio [BRA - Salvador chapter], Dani [BRA

- Rio de Janeiro chapter] and me, Álvaro [BRA] - Rio de Janeiro

chapter], Helio and Dani are wearing the camp's sweatshirt, it has the

chapter's name on it [Curitiba] and I'm wearing my delegation's shirt

wich was designed by me [see the close-up for better view] this pic

was taken during the excursion. in the back we can see Anna [BRA - São

Paulo Chapter], Mario [BRA - Curitiba Chapter], and Gabriel [BRA -

Araraquara chapter]

the camp was "Dialeto das Ovelhas" wich means The Sheep Dialect, it

was a nacional Youth meeting hosted in the developing-chapter


It was Curitiba's first camp EVER!