Wednesday, December 07, 2005

AIM bag.

I got this bag when i was in the AIM 2005 Thailand. desiged by some of

our senior in the board. (Peak,Thailand)

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Seminar DENMARK 2005

From the Seminar Camp in Nykøbing Falster in 2005. As you can see, the main

design is a cigarette box... For those of you who went to seminar, you

might understand why! The vast majority of participants could be

categorized as SICK SICK SMOKERS. Instead of "Rygning kan dræbe" ("smoking

kills", in Danish), our box reads "May lead to world peace" which is very

adorable. I must say that this design was made by our German participants

Stephie and Philip (the techno-boy).

This camp rocked!


PS We didn't include a narguila/shisha on our shirt because that's so


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kitchen Babe.

This is the official CISV kitchen babe tshirt from the bare

necessities village in manchester. One of our kitchen babes Lizzie

came up with the idea of printing tshirts that said kitchen babe with

the CISV logo on the back.. and so this tshirt became the highlight of

our amazing village! this picture is of Mark the GB leader on thier

national night wearing the famous Tshirt!

Rou (Rowan) Egypt.

Colombia Dancers.

CISV colombia Cumbia dancers t-shirt, Laura from colombia is wearing

it at the national cisv meeting.


Colombia Hat.

CISV Colombia Sombrero T-shirt, this is Abraham from Colombia during a

national cisv meeting.

Moni (COL)

Big Manchester.

This is Oliver from Great Britian during the bare necessities village

in manchester wearing a "slightly" HUGE cisv manchester tshirt!! he

looks so great!

Rou (Rowan) Egypt

Monday, November 21, 2005

Absolutely Nothing!

This is the MOSAIK Halmstad, Sweden t-shirt 2005. The back says

Absolutely Nothing! I love it=).

Maria, kitchen staff from Norway

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Stranded Goods Summer Camp

The shirt of our Summer camp 2003 in Kiel/Germany. Design by Amitay and Wig. No clapping, not allowed! Tim(Ger)

Monday, November 14, 2005

I heart K B.

This is the camp tshirt of the manchester bare necessities village in

2005. This holds very sentimental value to all the camp because our

beloved kitchen staff had tshirts that said "kitchen babes" so

everyday at meal times everyone would yell "WE LOVE KITCHEN BABES" so

they would be picked to get food first... naturally this became our

favourite quote from camp! thank u kitchen babes!

Rou (Rowan) Egypt

Brazilian Boxers.

Quiz: Who is the model in this picture?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

CISV Alive! (in orange)

I found a shirt in the archives that I also have. But there is only a

picture of the front and the back is just as good.

Clara, Sweden

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hot or Not!

The shirt below marks no. 336 in this ever growing collection. So, as I committed myself to a new feature every 100 pictures posted and I had some spare time, I added a new feature. It's called Hot-or-Not: Random pictures appear and you can vote 10 (= very very nice) down to 1 ( = I don't like this shirt at all) - after you've voted you can see what other people thought of that particular shirt. Nice, eh? Start here! PS. Thank you Chuchu for helping me out with the posting! PPS. Next to CISVShirts, I've been busy lately with a new project: CISV Devils - a discussion forum for out-of-the-box proposals. Check it out!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

JB Italy

That's Tiziano, Italian JC at Ultra Mare Nostrum Village in Padova, Italy, wearing a JB Italy t-shirt!

Chuchu (BRA)

Israel and Rio

You can see a CISV Israel cap and the back of a CISV Rio t-shirt.

Chuchu (BRA)

JB Recycle!

That's me, Timo (Finnish JC) and Ella (Finnish kid)! I am wearing a green JB Campinas, Brazil CISV t-shirt. The JB is inside a recycling symbol. The t-shirt was designed by JB Campinas when they were "re-concepting" their JB! The picture was taken at Ultra Mare Nostrum Village in Padova, Italy. July 2004. Chuchu (BRA)

Finnish Invasion!

The Finnish delegation at the Ultra Mare Nostrum Village in Italy July 2004. You can see the CISV Tampere t-shirt as well as the hat and bandana!

Chuchu (BRA)

CISV Italia

You can see Ricca, Italian leader, wearing a CISV Italy t-shirt during Kiitos at Ultra Mare Nostrum Village, Padova - Italy July 2004.

Chuchu (BRA)

Ultra Mare Nostrum Village

That's Benoit from France wearing the camp t-shirt. Ultra Mare Nostrum

Village, Padova - Italy July 2004.

Chuchu (BRA)

Rio Uniform

That's my delegation to the Ultra Mare Nostrum Village in Padova, Italy

wearing the delegation uniform and playing at the bus shuttle at Madrid's

airport! July 2004.

Chuchu (BRA)

Rio Sweater

Niv from Israel wearing an old CISV Rio sweater model. Ultra Mare Nostrum

Village in Padova, Italy July 2004.

Chuchu (BRA)

US Sweatshirt

CISV USA sweatshirt. The model is Aurelia from Switzerland at the Peace of Cake Village in Rio July 2003.

Chuchu (BRA)

CISV Finland

That's Joonatan, JC from Helsinki, wearing his CISV Finland t-shirt at the Peace of Cake Village in Rio July 2003.

Chuchu (BRA)


This is Theo from Sweden wearing a CISV Bastad-Bjare - Sweden t-shirt on the Peace of Cake Village in Rio July 2003 where I was staff! :) Sorry about the pic quality!

Chuchu (BRA)

CISV Egypt


You are here!


CISV Nutrition Facts


Norwegian Trolls


Sweater Sweden Kent

This sweater is from Sweden…and it's ORANGE. Any clue who I got it from?

YES! I got it from Mr. Orange himself! Mr. Kent Larsson.

I traded this sweater with him when he was a leader at the Heal the World

Village I staffed here in Costa Rica in December 2000 – January 2001

We also met at the Tabaretetuba village in Rio de Janeiro in July of 2002

where we were both Delegation Leaders


Sweater São Paulo

I guess this one is all over the place. I got this as a present from Vera

who participated in the Seminar Camp I staffed in Switzerland

Last year in July. This is the only sweater I have that came via regular

mail instead of getting it at a camp!


Sweater Norway

I traded this sweater with Trude the leader from Norway that came to the

Heal the World village that I staffed here in Costa Rica

In December 2000 – January 2001. I have to say this is one of my personal

favorite CISV sweaters. It still has my nametag (misspelled) from one of

the last CISV day-camp activities I went to as a member of the village

training and selection committee.


Sweater Netherlands

I traded this sweater with Anne the leader from Netherlands at Tabaretetuba

village in Rio de Janeiro in July of 2002


Sweater JB Guate

I got this as a present from a friend from CISV Guate in December 2003 (I



Sweater Delegation Costa Rica

This is the sweater we made for our delegation when we went to the

Imagination Camp in Denmark July 1999.


Sweater Board Guate

I traded this sweater with Lorena (the CISV Guatemala Board President) when

she came to the AIM 2003 Costa Rica.

This sweater is made for CISV Guatemala Board members only.


Sweater Argentina

I traded this sweater with Leo the leader from Argentina that came to the

village that I staffed back in December 2000 – January 2001

Leo is now married and lives in Israel


Hat Canada

I traded this hat with one of the girls from the Canadian delegation at the

Cheese Village in Lyon, France July 2002


Bandana USA

I got this as a gift from Heather, the USA JC at the Congo Village that I

staffed here in Costa Rica this past December-January.


Bandana Toronto

This was a PERSONALITY CHANGER gift I got from Alex (who you can see in some

of the Tshirts posted by CISV Canada members in this site).

He just gave it to me (at the seminar camp I staffed in July in Switzerland

2004) without me asking for it, and from then on I just give my most valued

CISV (and NON CISV) stuff to my friends at camps instead of trading. It's

WAY more rewarding.


Bandana São Paulo

Well… I'm sure tons of people have this bandana.. I got this one from Jú.

She was the Brazilian Leader at the Cheese village in Lyon, France in July

of 2000. I also have it in green and yellow as a present from Mab from Sao

Paulo Chapter when she was leader at the Heal the World village that I

staffed here in Costa Rica in December 2000 – January 2001


Bandana Rio

I bought this bandana at the CISV stuff store at the Tabaretetuba village in

Rio de Janeiro back in July of 2002. By the way I met Chuchu from Brasil

who has recently posted bandanas and other stuff. He came to visit his

friend Isa who was my staff.


Bandana Chile

I got this bandana from Tepu (one of the girls from Chile) at Pangea Village

in Bahia, Brasil, back in December 2001 – January 2002. I think we traded



Monday, October 03, 2005

Under Construction summer camp

This is one of those t-shirts which perfectly illustrates the theme of a

summer camp. It was designed by Jerri, the leader of the canadian

delegation, although she didn't know she would be going to the camp at the

time she made the shirt.

Clara (SWE)

Symbols of the World

Sweater from Symbols of the World summer camp in 2003. The camp was in a tiny tiny tiny village called Kårsta, just outside of Stockholm. Clara (SWE)

Environmentally friendly CISV clothing

These pants are from CISV Frederiction, Canada. They might look kinda plain

but they are really unique. The chapter bought all kinds of second-hand

clothes and printed their logo on them. A cheep way of making new CISV

favorites by reusing old clothes.

Clara (Swe)

Monday, September 26, 2005

IPP Donation..

This shirt is sold for Donation for the Tsunami Victim and to fundraise for the IPP that will be held in Thailand December 2005. On the front it said IPP THAILAND. and the IPP Theme "A Piece of us makes a peace for all" on the bak with (CISV logo) will be on the sleeves..


Saturday, September 24, 2005

airport shirts.

Hey, that's my delegation leaving for Egypt from the Vancouver Airport in

Canada last summer!

Emma (CAN)

Red German.

This is me on the last day of camp wearing a shirt from germany!

Emma (CAN)

Canada and Sweden

At my village in Egypt the Canadian and Swedish delegations traded sweaters!

Emma (CAN)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

IJBC 2006

Yeah , it's not 2005... This is IJBC 2006 T-shirt. I got it in the IJBC this year... and like it because it's 2006... Peak(THA)


I got this shirt in IJBC 2005. on the font there is classic CISV logo and the map of china.. but on the back there is a panda and the Chinese Charater said "CHINA" in Chinese.. Peak (THA)