Monday, September 26, 2005

IPP Donation..

This shirt is sold for Donation for the Tsunami Victim and to fundraise for the IPP that will be held in Thailand December 2005. On the front it said IPP THAILAND. and the IPP Theme "A Piece of us makes a peace for all" on the bak with (CISV logo) will be on the sleeves..


Saturday, September 24, 2005

airport shirts.

Hey, that's my delegation leaving for Egypt from the Vancouver Airport in

Canada last summer!

Emma (CAN)

Red German.

This is me on the last day of camp wearing a shirt from germany!

Emma (CAN)

Canada and Sweden

At my village in Egypt the Canadian and Swedish delegations traded sweaters!

Emma (CAN)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

IJBC 2006

Yeah , it's not 2005... This is IJBC 2006 T-shirt. I got it in the IJBC this year... and like it because it's 2006... Peak(THA)


I got this shirt in IJBC 2005. on the font there is classic CISV logo and the map of china.. but on the back there is a panda and the Chinese Charater said "CHINA" in Chinese.. Peak (THA)


This is my summer camp t-shirt in France 2001. on the font there is a children holding hand (may be) and on the back there are the name of participating countries and the date of the camp... Peak(THA)

Turn your CISV world around

i got this shirt from Carmen(ESP) when i was in seminar camp in denmark. this is the cool shirt from CISV madrid that in the font is say "TURN YOUR CISV WORLD AROUND" and the HUGEEEEEEEE CISV logo on the back.. Peak(THA)

CISV Salvador 2

i got this shirt when from Fernando(BRA) , a dream catcher village's camp director when i was a jc there. this is the shirt of 30 anniversary of Brazil. and there are all the chapter that brazil had at that time.. Peak(THA)

JB Argentina

i got this shirt as a present from my brother when he came back from IJBC Israel 2004. This shirt is designed by Maru(ARG), a friend of mine in semiar camp... Peak(THA)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


It´s a JB BRASIL T-shirt, we are different, don´t you agree?


Once a CISVer always a CISVer.

This shirt, from Boras, Sweden, that I got at Leapfrog Village in

Christchurch, NZ, was given to me by Stefan. I love this shirt

because it describes CISVers so well! I think it was printed in 2004,

but I don't know the designer. (The inset is the front of the shirt.)

Alex (USA)

Go Banana Perth.

This is the camp shirt from sunset village in perth, australia in

1998-1999. i don't know who designed it, but it's my favorite cisv

shirt because it was from my village when i was 11! the inset is the

back of the shirt

alex (usa)

Seminar Camp Shirt.

Here's a seminar camp shirt!

alex (usa)

Detroit Interchange.

This was a shirt designed for the detroit, usa - nova gorica, slovenia

interchange in 2001-2002 by... me! so it was designed in 2001 in

detroit, michigan, usa. i love it because it was my first full

interchange, and i have a ton of fond memories from that first summer!

alex (usa)

Peace Rocks.

This is the shirt from the peace rocks village in youngstown, ohio in

2003. i don't know who designed it, but it was given to me at a

mini-camp there later in the year. the inset is the front of the


alex (usa)

Interchange shirt.

This is a shirt designed by kathleen samul of cisv detroit in 2004 as

part of a series of shirts showing each of the programs... each shirt

has four symbols representing the program, one shirt for village,

interchange, seminar, and one more is on the way for summer camp!

alex (usa)

Tolerate the Differences

I got this on my Interchange with Eger-Miskolc (Hungary) in 1999. Love

the weird looks you get when people realise what the picture is...

Cate (GBJB)

Got Peace?

I know this isn't the original T-shirt but I simply LOVE IT. I went to an interchange last year in Cincinnati as I soon as I saw it I got it. Feña.

Monday, September 19, 2005

ARM 2005

The ARM 2005 t-shirt designed by Maru(ARG).

CISV Salvador

I got this t-shirt when i was in Dream Catcher Village Salvador,Brazil December 2004/2005. Peak(THA)

IJBC 2005

This is the font t-shirt of IJBC 2005 in Bangkok Thailand. Disigned by Peak(THA), but drawn by Cha(Peak) as Peak is really suck in drawing... and on the back it's say "Pump up our CISV spirit" Peak(THA)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Flagging Brazil Hoodie.

Here is the CISV Shirt from Brazil. I really like the design with the different flags in the letters. Timo (Ger)

Washington and Kiel.

Here are two shirts on the left the Washington D.C. and on the right side the sweater from the Kiel Chapter in Germany.

Timo (Ger)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Brazilian flag Tie-dye

We had a couple weeks ago a "make your own Tie-dye CISV shirt" for everybody.

It was really great and that's the one I made.. my brazilian Tie-dye shirt (well, I really tried to make the brazilian flag!)


Kel Bhzzz Brazil

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Old Trondheim Shirt.

This is the first CISV shirt I ever traded: I swapped it with Marit

from Norway in my village in San Francisco 1988 when I was eleven.

Anna (GER)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

J Bee

That's our JB Shirt. I guess everyone understood... (oh, and BHZ is our chapter, just like the sound of a bee!)

In the picture we have Pedroca and Teddy!



GeeBeeJayBee hoodies and boxers.

From Laura (GBR).

Thursday, September 01, 2005

New e-mail-in addresse.

Due to the amount of Spam showing up at this website, I had to change the e-mail-addresse, to which you could send shirts to publish them directly here. Please send me an e-mail to get the new one - I don't want to publish it here again. Let's hope this works...