Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Paths of Life 2005 - Costa Rica

This shirt was designed by our artistic staff member Vale. A truly out of

the ordinary design. Not like any other CISV shirt I've seen before.

There was a misprint so the name of the camp was not printed on the shirt

which just makes it unique so only if you have the shirt you know from which

camp it is.

I love this shirt not only because of the great memories it brings from my

first time as a staff but also because its the only CISV shirt with 2 colors

(yes the sleeves are black), plus its the only cisv shirt my friends have

complimented (of course at first they don't know its a cisv shirt).

Tubi (CRC)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Join the Band - JB Finland closeup

Here's a closeup on our fabulous JB shirt, so that you guys can see all the

nice drawings! :)

more hugs, Wille (FIN)

Join the Band - JB Finland

Here's our new JB shirt in Finland. We just got it two days ago (Saturday

the 20th of May) so we're very proud of it. (See how we played with the

words.. ;) huh?!?Thanx Krippa for the punch-line :)) "Join the Band"

on the front and then a nice drawing on the back with alot of small pictures

in the letters, telling us something about our JB..things we usually do and

of course our beloved NJR's nicknames are included.

kram, Wille