Thursday, September 21, 2006


Here is a T´shirt from our local chapter i Denmark:

CISV-Fyn, design of Marie Lauritzen and we made it in 2005. We have

red and blue.

We use them when delegation are going to activitets out of Denmark.


Danish Apron.

I was on IPP in Brazil this summer and here are the Danish delegation...

vh Lone

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Appel Kreppel Village, 2006

I know that I'm bias because i was JC on this amazing
village (Wiesbaden, Germany) but you have to agree
with me on this one... this t-shirt is INCREDIBLE!!
Jule, one of our lovely staff spent ages getting it
just perfect... thank-you Jule!

It has so many memories tied up in it... the best one
being the 6 second thing. On an excursion, 2 of the
kids kissed on the boat and it became a camp phrase...
'they kissed for SIX SECONDS!!'

I miss and love my village... and i adore my camp
t-shirt! Lizzie (GB)