Sunday, January 29, 2006

Longsleeve Indonesia

This is an awesome long sleeve from Indonesia. It was made for the Indonesian delegation for the Youth meeting in the Netherlands!Very creative.

(Timo Germany)

CISV Italy T-Shirt

I got this beautiful shirt from Italy, i really like the logo. It also has a CISV italy logo in the neck on the backside.

(Timo Germany)

CISV Shirt Milano

This a Shirt from CISV Milano i traded with the Italian leader Saimon. The Milano Print is on the front and the CISV sign is on the left arm.


Monday, January 16, 2006

YBubbles and Stars shirt - Youth meeting Netherlands ´05-´06

This is the official shirt of the Bubbles and Stars Youth meeting in the Netherlands ´05 - ´06

A nice one.I just miss a CISV Netherlands sign.

(Timo Germany)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

One Year Anniversary.

Without noticing, the CISV shirts website turned 1 a couple of days ago - Jan 8th to be precise. More than 350 pictures have been posted, mostly T-shirts, but also bandanas, caps, boxers and Thai pants, which is great. Almost 100 indiviudal pages of the T-Shirt site are viewed everydays, so I guess people are still enjoying, even if the stream of new shirts has faded out a bit recently. I still have a whole bunch of ideas in the back of my head, on how to make the site even more fun and interesting, but I'll stick to my rule - one new feature fore every 100 pics posted. So we'll need a few more to call it 400 - keep them coming, ok? Anything you'd like to see here, please let me know. Thanks everybody, who shared their pictures and ideas. Special thanks to Chuchu, who helped post loads of shirts while I was busy. Let's keep the CISV shirts archive rockin'!

Mexico Shirt at Pyramid

This is a special t-shirt made special for excursion's during the

Village Mexico July -2005

The picture was taked in front of The Sun Piramid in Mexico City, I

(Wally, brazilian leader) and Anne Meike (Nederlands leader) I miss

soo much this amaizing camping, my best experience in my life

Wally (BRA)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ecuador at Tivoli.

Kitte (DK), Fabian (ECU) and Kamma (DK) wearing cisv Ecuadorian

t-shirt of 2004 (Kamma is wearing a cisv t-shirt made by herself) at

the CISV day in Copenhagen.

AnnamarĂ­a (ECU)