The archive will only grow with your contribution. Pick your dad's digital camera and take a few pics of your favourite shirts. Especially nice are pictures of people actually wearing a CISV shirt. There are two easy ways to add a picture to the archive:

You can then either send them all by e-mail ( along with contributory information, such as: Associated country, chapter or camp, name of the designer, the estimated year of print, any other interesting general or personal information that makes that very T-shirt special to you.

You can also post directly to this website, by sending the picture to In this case the subject of your e-mail will become the title of the post, and the content of the e-mail the description underneath. I encourage you to try it out. If something goes wrong, we can always correct it.

A few guidelines:
  • The pictures can be any width or height, but please don't send bigger files than 300KB.
  • Give the post a meaningful title, like "Joghurt-camp 2001" instead of just "CISV-shirt".
  • Try to photo-edit the front and back of a t-shirt into the same picture (example), and don't post them individually.
  • Please always sign a contribution with your name and country, e.g. "Nick (GER)".
Thank you very much.