Sunday, August 28, 2005

Peace Shoes

I know these aren't a T-shirt, and they're not strictly CISV, but I love my peace shoes! These are Campers sandals, and the only way I could justify the exorbitant cost was by calling them 'CISV shoes'. Kate vK (AUS)


You know you're a CISV-er if....

This is the back of a CISV Australia shirt that I designed in 2003 before our chapter's first summer camp, based on that email that had been going around for years - only to discover that it was originally written by my friend and co-staff at summer camp, Sarah Monty! Kate vK (AUS)


How many wars does it take to change a lightbulb?

My brother Michael made this shirt for me using a cartoon from a local magazine. Kate vK (AUS)


Neverending Village

This is the camp shirt from my Neverending Village in Buenos Aires 97/98. Kate vK (AUS)


CISV Michigan

I traded this shirt with Brooke Switzer (USA) at our Forget-Me-Not village in Buenos Aires 92/93. Kate vK (AUS)


Beneath whose branches there may be...

I traded this CISV Israel shirt with the wonderful Queen Mia (SWE) at our Brocoli's village in Sao Paulo 01/02. Kate vK (AUS)


IJBC 2000, Graz, Austria


CISV Guatemala

I traded this shirt with Sofi from Guate at our Dream Time Summer Camp 03/04. Kate vK (AUS)



Camp T-shirt from Forget-Me-Not Village in Buenos Aires 92/93, designed by Soledad (Sole) de Martini (ARG). Kate vK (AUS)


CISV Dot Paintings

The popular 'chocolate brown' version of the old CISV Australia design. Also comes in 'blue steel'. Kate vK (AUS)


Peace Y-Fronts

Here Ted models the latest in CISV fashion. I got these custom-made at along with a great hoodie, they will make anything! Kate vK (AUS) 


Brocoli's Village

Camp shirt from Brocoli's Village, Sao Paulo 01/02. Kate vK (AUS)


CISV Brings People Together

CISV Sao Paulo Tshirt traded with Maite at Brocoli's Village, Sao Paulo 01/02. Kate van Koesveld (Perth, Australia)


Dream Time

From the Dream Time Summer Camp, Perth Australia 03/04. Designed by camp participant Luti Brenes (CR). Kate van Koesveld (Perth, Australia)


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

On Top Of The World

A most excellent Sweden shirt.  -Drew(CAN)

Neverending Story Village

I wasn't at this village, nor did i have anything to do with it, but i was still givin a t-shirt. -Drew(CAN)

Gecko Village, Forli Italy, '99


Different Race and Different Land


Definition of a Friend



This was a very conterversal shirt created by CISV Victorias Steering comittee. I think only 10 were ever made and there's a story behind this specific shirt, but i'll leave that to one of the members to tell.

CISV Italy Leprechaun?


CISV Hungary

A Classic CISV shirt - Drew(CAN)

All The Nations Gathered Free

A great shirt from CISV Indonesia - Drew(Can)

cisv modena

This shirt is a Modena-Italy one. From the Funky Kid's Village 2003,

Sweden of my sister's. On front is a CISV logo. This is the back

MIschka (INA)

funky sweater

This is not a shirt but a sweatshirt. Made for my sister's Funky

Kid's Village 2003, Sweden. It has a hood and pockets! Comes in grey


Mischka (INA)

cisv londrina

This one belongs to Londrina, Brazil. Belongs to my sister from Funky

Kid's Village 2003, Sweden.

MIschka (INA)

blue on grey

Like many other shirt, this shirt has the CISV logo on front.

Guatemalan collection. Another of my sister's Funky Kid's Village

2003, Sweden.

Mischka (INA)

around the world

A shirt of my sister's from the Funky Kid's Village 2003, Sweden.

Got it from Guatemala.

Mischka (INA)

funky kid's village

This is not my shirt, but my sister's. From the Funky Kid's Village,

Malmo-Lund. The shirt is from Guatemala--custom-made. Around it there

are names of the delegation, JC and leader of Guatemala's delegation.



This shirt is from Bangkok, Thailand. On the front there's an

interesting quote from my dear friend Bonus. On the back there's the

chorus of John Lennon's Imagine. Another collection from Space Camp


Mischka (INA)

genuine camp shirt

The one and only shirt in the world. Well there are probably another

50 more in the world. This shirt was made by our chapter and

distributed to anyone who went for camp. The only difference is on

the back where it states the location of the event etc. 2004 design.

This shirt is very special cause it got all of my friends' signatures

from camp (mostly everyone--sorry!). Another shirt from Space Camp 2004

MIschka (INA)

the world on your pants

A pair of amazing shorts from Sao Paulo, Brazil. From Space Camp

2004, Denmark.

Mischka (INA)

black and white

This shirt is from Finland. With prints of Finland and CISV over the

shirt front and back. The larger picture is the back of the shirt.

MIschka (INA)

Saturday, August 13, 2005

drawings of peace

Another great shirt from the St. Gregoire Chapter of Quebec Canada.

Behind it there's a quote in French. Meaning 'someone asked me to

draw three pictures of what is peace'. I think that's what it meant.

Sorry I forgot!

If you know what it means, I'd be happy if you can correct it. Thanks

Mischka (INA)

smiley face

From Finland. With an awesome quote behind it.

Mischka (INA)

homemade shirt

Home-made shirt by Caro from Finland.

Mischka (INA)

different version of fin '04

There's the same design of this shirt in this site, but this one

comes in blue too. From Finland. Designed on 2004.

Mischka (INA)

brazil world cup

To draw Brazil's 5th world cup win. From Sao Paulo, Brazil.

MIschka (INA)

Friday, August 12, 2005

indonesia 2004

A 2004 Design. From Cenderawasih Chapter of Indonesia.

Mischka (Ina)

frog for peace

I didn't go to this Village. Yet I thought the frog's cute, so I

traded it with a friend from Bangkok Chapter, Thailand. Designed on

2004, probably.

Mischka (INA)

st. gregoire, quebec

From St. Gregoire Chapter, Quebec, Canada.

Mischka (INA)

one another's point of view

From Haifa Chapter, Israel.

Mischka (INA)

Quebec Libre

An awesome shirt from Quebec Chapter, Canada (St. Gregoire). Got it

at Space Camp 2004, Denmark. Qu'est-ce que c'est? xxxxxxxxx

Mischka (INA)

Space Camp 2004

T-Shirt design for my camp. Space Camp 2004. Amager Chapter. Summer

Camp. At the front there's the usual CISV logo on it.

Mischka (INA)

traditional israel design

Got it from Space Camp 2004, Denmark. From Haifa Chapter (as

written). Don't know who designed the shirt or what edition it was.

It's a basic shirt.

Mischka (INA)

CISV Ecuador

Rafael (Ecu): This is the CISV Ecuador T shirt for 2005. In the front there is a drawing of people of some of the different races in our country hugging. In the back there is a drawing of Cotopaxi which is a volcano in Ecuador.


Power to the Peaceful 2005

Rafael (Ecu): This t shirt was made for the Power to the Peaceful village in Victoria, Canada. Mine has the picture on the back but because we spray painted the symbol during the village, everyone chose a different spot for it.    


Monday, August 08, 2005

CI/SV T Shirt from Canada

Rafael (ECU), This is a shirt I got during the Power to the Peaceful Village 2005 in Victoria, Canada where I was a JC. I know it also comes in black and, if i remember correctly, green. I love the AC/DC reference.    Rafael

Monday, August 01, 2005

Camp Hasselhoff S-2005-08 Porvoo Finland

Here is the great shirt of our seminar camp. Sorry for the slight nudity but it

just tells how much our campers love David Hasselhoff.

PoK! Eetu(Fin)