Sunday, October 15, 2006

!Israel's first JB t-shirt

The idea for this gorgeous t-shirt was conceived by our junior NJR, Ido!

it is actually the first (and currently only) JB israel t-shirt ever! but it

sure does make up for the lost time because it is WICKED COOL!

on the top you can see a selection of our lovely Juniors (Shiri, Ido, Noa

and myself) wearing it at our 2006 national JB meeting (NJBM)

on the bottom , a closer look of the front and back so you can admire all

the small details.

isn't it beautiful?? you know it is :)

much love,

Danielle (Dani),


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Anybody up for a new World Record?!

Look at this video: One guy put on 155 T-shirts - at once - as a new Guiness world record. I wonder if a CISVer out there is willing to put 156 shirts - CISV-shirts! Cheers, Nick.