Tuesday, February 28, 2006

'National Summer 16 - Jan 2006 - LDB Brazil' #2

This #2 T-Shrt is from the 'National Summer 16 - Jan 2006 - LDB Brazil' (Theme: Liberty)

On the FRONT we can see Liberty of Speech

On the BACK we can see the NickName of each Participant, Leaders and Staffs.

Ana Cruciol - LDB Brazil

'National Summer 16 - Jan 2006 - LDB Brazil'

This #1 T-Shrt is from the 'National Summer 16 - Jan 2006 - LDB Brazil'

On the FRONT we can see a person representing each delegation with some remembered OBjects, and some phrases.

On the BACK there is a SAMBA which was done to show how PERFECT our summer camp was...

Ana Cruciol - LDB =*


Rio de Janeiro delegation, Summer 16 - Londrina

The best delegation in the best CISV program

From left to right: Anna(Anny), Kim, Beatriz(Bia), Bianca(Bi), Sabrina(Sah) and André(Carioca)

Love you girls

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

CISV Ecuador jacket

This is me and Hoda across the street from the CISV office in egypt, shes wearing a CISV ecuador jacket and also the CISV ecuador tshirt from under it (unfortunatly u can't see that in the picture!) Love Rou, Egypt.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Manchester Red.

This is a tradicional CISV t-shirt from Manchester. This picture was

taked in Village Mexico July 2005, and this is my wonderful friend

Amira, the leader from Egypt See you guys